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This is the translation of an extremely important book by the eminent scholar Ash-Shaikh Saaleh Aal-Shaikh. In it are essential guidelines from the Sunnah and the example of the sahabah, on how a Muslim should think and behave in situations of tribulations, trials or calamities.

How to benefit from this Course: Download the booklet or get a hard copy of, "Islamic Principles for the Muslim's Attitude during Fitan" and use it as an handy resource. Each of the principles mentioned in this book has been explained by Shaikh Abdullah al-Farsi (hafidhahullah), which you can view/download below.

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Course Video: Total Runtime 3 Hours

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1: Introduction to the Book and Author

13:59 min

2:Warning against Fitnah.

13:47 min

3: Fear the Fitna which affects not only those of you who do wrong

7:33 min

4: First Principle

10:16 min

5 : The Four Qualities of the Romans

14:00 min

6: Second Principle

9:39 min

7: A ruling concerning any issue is part of understanding of the issue

13:07 min

8: Third Principle

11:37 min

9: Fourth Principle

11:15 min

10: Fifth Principle

11:31 min

11: Fifth Principle (2)

13:32 min

12: Sixth Principle

18:38 min

13: Seventh Principle

9:33 min

14: Eight Principle

14:01 min

15: Ninth Principle

9:35 min


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