As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 5


In conclusion

In conclusion: We have thus established:

1. When a person aligns himself with the Deobandi and Hanafi school of thought, he is not binding himself to the jurisdiction and opinions formulated at the time of the Imams. Rather, he has limited himself to the understanding and conclusions of the Deobandi scholars of the later age. Taqleed of the Hanafi madhhab is actually a call to the Taqleed of the Deobandi elders.

2. Despite being committed to Taqleed, the Deobandis do differ with their Imam, taking the opinions of the later Hanafi scholars. In essence, therefore, they too are not averse to the notion that an Imamís view could be erroneous.

3. There is precedence from the Deobandis that there is room for abandoning the ruling of oneís Madhhab and following the ruling of the other.

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