As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 6


Who are superior - sons of Adam or angels?

People have differed as to whether the angels are superior to mankind as Ibn Katheer mentions in al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah (1/58). However, Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullah) suggested in Majmoo al-Fatawa (11/350) that righteous human beings will be better in the end, when they enter Paradise; attain nearness to Allah, dwell in the highest levels, are greeted by the Most Merciful, are brought even closer, Allah manifests Himself to them and they have the joy of looking upon His Noble Face, and the angels will stand to serve them by the permission of their Lord. But the angels are better at the beginning, for the angels now are closer to Allah. They are above the things that the sons of Adam indulge in, and they are devoted to the worship of their Lord. Undoubtedly, at this point their situation is more perfect than that of mankind. [Shaikh Umar al-Ashqar has discussed this topic in details in Aalam al-Malaai'kah al-Abrar]

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