As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 9


The Extent of the Christian Clergy's sexual perversion and betrayal of trust

    The Christian Priests may criticize marriage for the one who wishes to live a life of piety, but their false and unnatural idea of celibacy has plunged their own clergy into the worst of sexual perversions, as the following three quotes show:

    Alexander Hislop writes in, ‘The Two Babylons,’ ‘The records of all nations where priestly celibacy has been introduced have proved that instead of ministering to the purity of those condemned to it, it has only plunged them in the deepest pollution... The excesses committed by the celibate priests of Bacchus in Pagan Rome in their secret Mysteries, were such that the Senate felt called upon to expel them from the bounds of the Roman republic. In Papal Rome the same abominations have flowed from priestly celibacy, in connection with the corrupt and corrupting system of the confessional....Out of a thousand facts of similar kind, let one only be adduced, vouched for by the distinguished Roman Catholic historian De Thou. When Pope Paul V. meditated the suppression of the licensed brothels in the 'Holy City,' the Roman Senate petitioned against his carrying his design into effect, on the ground that the existence of such places was the only means of hindering the priests from seducing their wives and daughters.’ (p.220)

    ‘The Manual of Universal Church History,’ by Alzog, bears the Imprimatur of the Archbishop of Cincinnati. In this volume, Catholic historian, Alzog states, ‘There were eighty councils held in France during the eleventh century, and of these there was not a single one in which a protest of the fathers was not directed against the lawlessness and brigandage of the laity and the unchastity and simony of the clergy....The gradual decline in papal influence and the evil example of the lives of some Popes reacted with terrible effect upon the morals of the bishops... Concubinage was the crying vice among the clergy of many dioceses....The dissoluteness of morals rapidly infected the laity, who learned from those whose lives should have been examples of manly honesty and priestly honor to put a light estimate on the virtue of purity... Some professed to believe that the marriage of the clergy was the only adequate remedy for the evil; but others... Maintained that the well-being of the Church depended on the rule of celibacy....’ [vol. 2, p.368, 928-31]

    The historical work, ‘Lives of the Popes,’ by Catholic writer, Ludwig Pastor, was drawn from the secret archives of the Vatican. The work was praised by the Pope and dedicated to him. Pastor writes: ‘But this [prostitution] was not the worst of the maladies which the false renaissance brought upon Italy....There is unmistakable evidence of the revival of the horrible national vice of the Greeks [i.e. sodomy]... It made its way into the lower ranks also... many of the monasteries were in a most deplorable condition. The three essential vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, were in some convents almost entirely disregarded... Sixtus IV found it necessary to direct a Bull against some Carmelites in Bolgna who had maintained that there was no harm in asking for things from demons....’

    In our times, the clergy’s sexual perversion has focus mainly on the many cases of the sodomy-kind of pedophilia that have been exposed. The ‘Annotated Bibliography of Clergy Sexual Abuse’ by James S. Evinger is a 484 page document that lists books, religious articles, academic papers, journals and unpublished papers on the colossal problem of Christian Priests sexually abusing children, orphans, the handicapped and even nuns and other junior priests. The total number of books and journals add up to an astounding total of 1307. On the internet, there are 37 websites run by abuse survivor and advocacy groups that are entirely dedicated to warn against pedophile priests and help their victims.

    What has been mentioned in this newsletter (see the last section of this article), on the crimes of the priests from around the globe is but the tip of the iceberg, and if one calculates the number of victims and direct family members who have been afflicted, the total number of people victimized by the clergy will run into hundreds of thousands.

After the colossal corruption that has appeared from the different Christian denominations, their principles of celibacy and their subsequent belittling of those who don’t follow this, becomes a joke. And, as for criticizing the most noble of Messengers for his legal marriage to Aisha, then one wonders from where the Christian priests and the televangelists get the courage or the moral justification to so.

The Muslims have always tried their best to defend the Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) and by the help of Allah were able to convince many of the reality of the matter, but now all realities are exposed due to the Wrath of Allah descending upon those who slandered His Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) unleashing on them the most severe humiliation. Allah exposed the secrets from within their high-walled sanctuaries, and the world saw how the priests were abusing the trusts placed on them. People sent their children to monasteries to be chaste and to be the carriers of chastity, ethics and modesty – instead these children were the targets of the clergy’s carnal desires.

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