As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 9


Worldly Knowledge and Sharee'ah knowledge

Shaikh al-Albanee: Please no divergence (from the main issue of discussion).
I asked you about two things; knowledge and action.
As a matter of fact, this divergence of yours has been helpful to me.

So, (to say in a more clear way), I mean (my question is) in terms of the Sharee'ah knowledge and actions not (the knowledge of) medicine for example. The doctor today is more knowledgeable than Ibn Seena in his age because he was born after a long time and many many experiments (were) carried out (during this period) but this does not increase him (in status) before Allah nor does he achieve precedence over the best generations. Rather he possesses a superior status in the field of knowledge he possesses.

We are however, speaking about the Sharee'ah knowledge Barak Allah Feek (May Allah bless you). So, you have to keep this in mind - when I tell you, do we believe that we can be more knowledgeable, it refers to the Sharee'ah knowledge not the experimental knowledge like Geography, Astronomy, Chemistry and Physics. Consider for example, in this time of ours a disbeliever in Allah and the Messenger is the more knowledgeable than the other people in these secular sciences - does this bring him closer to Allah?

The opponent: No

Shaikh al-Albanee: So, now we are not talking in terms of this (worldly) knowledge but we are speaking about knowledge with which we seek to be closer to Allah, and just a little while ago, we were speaking about the celebration of Mawlid.

The question again is and please reply openly without another divergence.
Do you think with the mind and intellect bestowed upon you (by Allah) that it is possible for us, in this later time to be more knowledgeable than the Sahabah and the Taba'een with regards to the Sharee'ah knowledge and be hastier in performing actions and that we be closer to Allah than the Salaf as-Salih?

The opponent: Do you mean the Tafseer of the Qur'aan by the knowledge of the Sharee'ah?

Shaikh al-Albanee: They are more knowledgeable than us in Tafseer; they are more knowledgeable than us in the Ahadeeth of Allah's Messenger, consequently they are more knowledgeable than us in the Sharee'ah of Islam.

The opponent: Concerning the Tafseer of the Qur'aan, perhaps, today in our time (we are more knowledgeable), for example the Qur'aanic verse, 'And you will see the mountains and think them solid, but they shall pass away as the passing away of the clouds. The Work of Allah, Who perfected all things, verily! He is Well-Acquainted with what you do. [(27): 88]
If the Messenger of Allah (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) had informed someone in his time that the earth rotates, would he have believed him? Nobody would have believed him.

Shaikh al-Albanee: Do you want us to write down another divergence in your record.
Brother, I am asking about the totality and not some part, we are asking a common question;
Who is more knowledgeable as a whole about Islam?

The opponent: Obviously Allah's Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) and his Sahabah.

Shaikh al-Albanee: This is (the answer) we want from you Barak Allah Feek

The Tafseer, which you keep repeating, has no relation with actions, it relates to thinking and intellect. Those who mention this verse in order to conclude that the earth rotates are mistaken because the verse relates to the Day of Judgment, ‘On the Day when the earth will be changed to another earth and so will be the heavens, and they (all creatures) will appear before Allah, the One, the Irresistible.’ [Soorah Ibraheem (14): 48] (However,) We are not discussing this subject.

I accept that that the later people are more knowledgeable about secular sciences; more than the Sahabah and the Taba'een and others, but this has no relation with righteous actions. For example, today the disbelievers are more knowledgeable in the sciences of astronomy but will it benefit them in any way? No So, we don't have to plunge into this subject, we are to speak about everything that brings us closer to Allah, and we have to discuss about Mawlid an-Nabawi.

So, we have agreed that if there was any Khayr then the Salaf as-Salih and at their head Allah's Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) would have been more knowledgeable about it than us and hasty in performing that action. Is there any doubt in it?

The opponent: No, no doubt.

Shaikh al-Albanee: Do not restrict this to experimental sciences it has nothing to do with closeness to Allah or righteous deeds.

So, Mawlid was non-existent during the time of Allah's Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) - as agreed upon by everybody. So, this Khayr was non-existent during the time of Allah's Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam), his Sahabah, Taba'een and the Imams. How could this Khayr be concealed from them?

We have to say one of the two things;
They knew this Khayr like we know, they were more knowledgeable than us,
or they did not know this Khayr; then how did we know it?

So, if we say, they knew - and this saying is more in favor of those who approve the celebration of Mawlid - so, why did they not act upon it? Are we closer to Allah then they were?!

Why did not even one of them perform this act; a Sahabi or a Taba'ee or a knowledgeable or a common person?
Does it suit your mind that nobody ever acted upon this Khayr? And they were in millions, they were more knowledgeable than us, righteous than us and closer to Allah than us?

You know the saying of Allah's Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam), 'Do not revile my companions. By (Allah) in Whose Hand my soul is, if any one of you spends gold (piled up) like (mount) Uhud it will not equal a pint of any one of them, nor its half.' [Agreed upon]

Do you see the difference between them and us?

They struggled in the path of Allah with Allah's Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) and took the knowledge 'gaddan taryan' (fresh and anew) without these many mediums that are between us and the Prophet (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) as Allah's Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) pointed towards a similar meaning in the Saheeh Hadeeth, 'Whoever wants to read the Quran as gaddan taryan as when it was revealed, then let him read according to the recitation of Ibn Umm Abd.' Meaning Abdullah ibn Mas'ood - 'gaddan taryan' means fresh and anew

These Salaf as-Salih and at the head of them the Sahabah (radiallahuanhum) - we cannot imagine that they were ignorant of something that would bring them closer to Allah and we know of it. And if we say that they knew it like we know then we cannot imagine that they ignored this Khayr.

Insha'Allah, this issue has been made clear to you after I have repeatedly mentioned it.

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