As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 3


Misleading Advertisements

e. Misleading Advertisements
ĎAdvertising serves not so much to advertise products as to promote consumption as a way of life.' - Carl Lash 1978

Consumers tend to be manipulated by an advertisement's promise that the product will do something special for them. It promises all kinds of things, which may establish the wrong priorities. Ads assure consumers that goods can make them more attractive to the opposite sex, give them power, lift their spirits and bring them instant self-gratification. And as mentioned earlier, most ads relate their product to benefits that are absolutely not derived from them. A classical example is that of the cigarette ad that shows a free-spirited confident cowboy on his horse galloping through the rough terrain, catching wild cattle without breaking a sweat.

In reality, Cigarette smoking is a purely wasteful habit, with no beneficial or nutritional value. It is highly addictive and a cause of various deadly illnesses. Smoking cigarettes has nothing to do with being independent, confident or savvy; rather it is dependence on an unbeneficial substance, weakness in seeing through misleading adds and a proof of poor-judgment.

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