As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 1 [Oct-Nov 2004]

Fasting: An Amalgam of Physical and Spiritual worships

When does Fasting begin?
Who should Fast and who should not Fast?
The Duration of Fasting
The Intention of Fasting
The Sunnah of Fasting
Actions Permitted while Fasting or Actions which Do not Nullify the Fast
Applying Kohl; Eye, Ear or Nose Drops; Wearing Perfumes, Oiling the Hair, Taking Injections, Bloodletting, Unintentional Vomiting - Effect of Medicines and Medical Treatments on Fasting
Actions which Nullify the Fast and Require al-Qadha
Actions which Nullify the Fast and Require both, al-Qadha and al-Kaffarah
Actions that should be Avoided during Fasting
People who are Granted Permission to Break their Fast


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