As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 3 [Feb-Mar 2005]

Moderation in Spending

The Virtues of Spending on one's Family
The Virtues of Spending in Allah’s Cause
The Universal Concept of General Welfare
Extravagance is Blameworthy and Forbidden even in Food and Drink
Moderation in Charity
Moderation in Charity Page 2

Extravagance… Are we guilty of it?

Excerpts from a report by the World Health Organization
On Excessive Wasteful Spending on Frivolities like Weddings, Celebrations, etc
Consumerism and Over-consumption
When is consumerism a problem for an individual?
Advertising to Fuel Consumerism
Advertising does your thinking for you
Misleading Advertisements
Consumerism almost synonyms with living beyond one's means

The Negative Impact of Consumerism

Study shows Reduction in Depression leads to Reduction in Compulsive Shopping
Consumerism: The Negative Impact on Social Relations
CONSUMERISM causes people, especially teenagers to resort to Crime for Money
Truly, your Lord expands the provision for whom He wills

Moderation in Spending: The Conclusion

Notes: Marketing to Babies and Toddlers
Notes: Marketing, Materialism and Family Stress
Notes: Tobacco Marketing and Kids
Notes: Marketing Body Image and Eating Disorders


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