As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 4 [Apr-May 2005]

Editorial: Two Important Topics Explained in this Issue
Tafseer: Success is only Achieved by Performing Righteous Deeds, not Wishful Thinking

Muslim Character: WORDS We SAY out of NEGLIGENCE

Cursing is prohibited
Nicknaming is prohibited
Calling a Muslim, a disbeliever is prohibited
Despising is prohibited
Lying in-joke is prohibited
Defaming someone's lineage is prohibited
Recounting one's favors is prohibited
Addressing someone as, ‘The King of Kings' is prohibited
Reviling Fever is prohibited
Swearing in the name of anything besides Allah is prohibited
Cursing the Wind is prohibited / Reviling the Rooster
Praising a Person in his Presence is Undesirable
Saying, 'If only such and such…' when some adversity befalls is forbidden
Attributing Rain to the Stars is prohibited
Saying: 'Forgive me, if you wish, O Allah!' is prohibited
Pretentiousness and Exaggeration during Conversation is undesirable
Describing other women's charms to one's husband is prohibited
Saying: 'What Allah Wills and so-and-so wills' is prohibited
Whoever curses time has wronged Allah
Making fun of anything in which Allah, the Qur'aan or the Messenger is mentioned leads to disbelief whether one intends it or not
To say, 'this wealth is the result of my labor and knowledge' is prohibited

Salaat al-Istikharah: The Prayer for Seeking Guidance

Manner of Salaat al-Istikharah
Translation and Explanation of Dua al-Istikharah
After Salaat al-Istikharah
Seeking Advice from the people is not contradictory to Istikharah
What are the Affairs in which one can make al-Istikharah?
Is Istikharah related to Dreams? | Refuting the Call-In Istikharah?!!


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