As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 6 [Aug-Sept 2005]


Aqeedah at-Tawheed: what contradicts Tawheed or decreases it from major and minor Shirk, Ta'teel and Bidah

Meaning of Tawheed ar-Rububiyah and its affirmation by the Mushrikeen
Meaning of the word, 'ar-Rabb' in the Qur'aan and the Sunnah
The erroneous understanding of the word, 'ar-Rabb' by misguided nations
A Refutation of these False Beliefs

Belief in Angels
Belief in the angels comprises of four important points
The Effect of Belief in Angels on Human Life
The Creation of Angels
The Angel's Ability to take on Different Forms and their Great Numbers
Dwelling places of the Angels and their Status
Who are superior - sons of Adam or angels?
The Arab Pagans claimed that Angels were daughters of Allah
The Arab Pagans worshiped Angels claiming them to be their intercessors with Allah
Attributes of the Angels
Their obedience and worship to Allah
Duties assigned to the Angels with regards to human beings
Angels keep record of your intention too!
An angel companion to inspire good deed is assigned for everybody
'We are nearer to him than his jugular vein' refers to the Angels of Allah
Angels bring forth the soul of the deceased person
Angels question the son of Adam in the grave
Do Angels also Die?
Other Tasks Assigned to the Angels
19 Guardians over Hell-Fire as a trial for the desbelievers
He, who holds enmity towards any angel, is an enemy of Allah
The Three Angels of Life
The Prostration of the Angels was before Adam (alaihi as-salaam) but the Obedience was to Allah
Iblees was among those ordered to prostrate before Adam, though He was not an Angel
Why did Allah not send Angels as Messengers to us?

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