As-Sunnah Vol. 2 Issue No. 8 [Dec05 - Jan06]

Fatwa Section: Selected replies by Allamah AbdulAziz ibn Baz and Allamah Muhammad ibn Salih al-Uthaimeen (rahimahumullah)

Meaning of the verse, 'Allah is the Nur (light) of the heavens and the earth
The writing of Allah and Muhammad (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam) together on walls
I repent and return to the sins, what should I do?
How do we reconcile between these two statements?

Aqeedah at-Tawheed: what contradicts Tawheed or decreases it from major and minor Shirk, Ta'teel and Bidah
Tawheed ar-Rububiyah necessities Tawheed al-Uluhiyah
Meaning of Tawheed al-Uluhiyah and the fact that it was the main object of the Dawah of all Prophets

‘It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah.’ [Soorah Fatir (35): 28]

The Life, Struggles, Works and Impact of Shaikh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah

The state of the Muslim world at Shaikh ul-Islam's time
Family and Early Life, Teachers and Students
His Popularity
False Allegations, Trials and Imprisonment
Ibn Taymiyyah remained high-spirited and focused even in times of tribulation
Encounter with the Tartars
Victory Lies in Tawheed
Ibn Taymiyyah's Battle against Innovators and Deviant Sects
Ibn Taymiyyah, the Mujtahid
Ibn Taymiyyah’s Writings
His Legacy Lives on: Impacts of Ibn Taymiyyah's Dawah on reformation in Arabia and India
A Word of Caution

Achieve Rewards for your Daily Activities

How should a sick person perform Wudhu and Salaat


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