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Islamic Movements and the Role of Youth

From the  Fatawa of Allamah Ibn Baz (rahmahullah) - vol. 2

All Praises be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. No aggression shall be except against oppressors. Peace and blessings be upon the Master of Messengers and the Master of the early and the late people, and upon his family and Companions.

Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) has made the Shari`ah (Islamic law) of Muhammad (peace be upon him) the Last of divine laws, chosen Islam as a religion for the best Ummah (nation based on one creed) ever raised up for mankind, and sent messengers with the religion which He approved to the exclusion of all other false religions.

He (Exalted be He) says, in Surah Al-`Imran Verse 19

’Truly, the religion with Allāh is Islām.“

Allah (Glorified be He) also says: in Surah Al-Ma'idah verse 3

’This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islām as your religion.“

Allah (Glorified be He) also says: in Surah Al-`Imran verse 85

’And whoever seeks a religion other than Islām, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.“

The perfection which Allah (Exalted be He) granted the Islamic Shari`ah of Muhammad (peace be upon him) is clear in its commands, prohibitions, and other rulings, which meet both the needs of souls and the demands of societies, despite the new variables and inventions that have come to light.

Those who observe world religions that contradict Islam would find that their doctrines do not suit the requirements and aspects of this life and do not satisfy souls, so the adherents of these religions feel a desire to keep religion separate from politics. They say things like

"Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar‘s; and unto God the things that are God‘s."

In Islam, it is very different; for souls, when stricken by crises and problems, find in Islam and its legislation a way out and peace of mind. The more the souls keep away from the religion of Islam, the weaker Iman (Faith/belief) grows, the more they are disturbed by anxiety, and the more the society's problems increase.

Only resorting to Allah (Exalted be He) can relieve souls and hearts by complying with the Shari`ah and adopting Islamic characteristics.

The Ever-Glorious Qur'an is the Book of Allah; falsehood cannot approach it from before it or behind it; it can never be in doubt; for it is a revelation from the Wise and Praiseworthy, and no secret is hidden from Him.

He is the All-Knower of the interests of people in this life and the Hereafter. The Ever-Glorious Qur'an is the first source of Islamic `Aqidah and its rulings; it is a cure for the hearts of the believers and rest for their conscience as they accustom themselves to Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah). Allah (Exalted be He) says in Surah Al-Ra`d verse 28

’Verily, in the remembrance of Allāh do hearts find rest.“

At the present time, people are coexisting and there is a multitude of conferences and inventions, as well as differences of cultures that mix with the developing
mass media, and there is also a rapid transference of knowledge as the countries of the world draw closer and share their concerns.
In this time, we find them trying different solutions including mottos and principles to relieve the hearts, ease pains and solve some of their problems.

However, such solutions do nothing as they do not relieve hearts or reform societies, for they are not from Allah, the Most Forbearing and the All-Knowing. They are far from the Shari`ah which Allah (Exalted be He) set for His People. Allah is the Most Truthful and He says, pointing out the status of the Ever-Glorious Qur'an which is kept safe from abuse and change and free from differences and contradictions: in Surah Al-Nisa' verse 82

"Had it been from other than Allāh, they would surely have found therein many a contradiction."

Allah (Glorified be He) also says: in Surah Al-Furqan verse 33

"And no example or similitude do they bring (to oppose or to find fault in you or in this Qur‘ān), but We reveal to you the truth (against that similitude or example), and the better explanation thereof.Allah (Glorified be He) also says: Surah Al-Nahl 89And We have sent down to you the Book (the Qur‘an) as an exposition of everything, a guidance, a mercy, and glad tidings for those who have submitted themselves (to Allāh as Muslims)."

Due to the strange behaviors of some youth groups generated in different societies in the east and the west, who behave absurdly in a way that causes laughter - indeed misfortunes ironically invite a smile, the researchers were concerned with finding the causes and effects, trying to look for solutions that help eliminate hallucinations and pains but they went in confusion and their studies and solutions were futile.

They found that people who stand steadfast with peace of mind against such storms are the Muslims who are committed to their religion and are observing the rites prescribed by Allah (Exalted be He). Nevertheless, they tried to obscure this fact which was incompatible, many years ago, with their approaches and overview towards Islam. They try to deceive Muslim youth into thinking that their religion has defects and fails to keep pace with the modern life.

In fact, they are simply mirroring the defects of their own doctrines and thoughts; they attribute them to Islam after failing to find solutions for them.

However, the Muslim youth whose insight was heightened by Allah (Exalted be He) find peace of mind in returning to the Islamic teachings and adopting its commands as a treatment for whatever is new in their societies.

They set the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) as their model and instructor who guides them by his sayings and deeds in all situations. He (peace be upon him) would resort to Salah (prayer) whenever a misfortune befell him and used to say to Bilal(may Allah be pleased with him):He (peace be upon him) said:This complies with Allah's Saying: in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 45

 "And seek help in patience and As-Salāt (the prayer)."

The Islamic movements that are arising among youth in every Muslim country are a new return to Islam whose commands and Shari`ah relieve souls and meet the requirements of the society in every time and place.

Youth, in any nation, are the backbone which constitutes the element of dynamics and vitality, since they have productive energy and renewed capabilities. Nations usually rise up at the shoulders of its aware and enthusiastic youth.

However, the dynamism of youth should be accompanied by the wisdom of the elders with their experiences and thoughts. Both parties are indispensable for each other.

In the course of the blessed Da`wah (calling to Islam), the youth played a prominent role, as well as the leading role of the elders who provided guidance and support to the Ummah of Islam, the Ummah of the everlasting message which occupies the first place among other Ummahs when Allah (Exalted be He) honored it with this religion and the leader of messengers - Muhammad (peace be upon him).

All, under the leadership of Muhammad ibn `Abdullah (peace be upon him), continued to establish the early Islamic state which expanded to new horizons. The banner of Islam fluttered high over most parts of the earth during the different ages of Islam, when leading youth would defend Islam and Muslim homes by their powers and tongues, and through their knowledge and deeds.

At the same time, they would lead the ranks for Jihad (fighting/striving in the Cause of Allah) to make the Word of Allah most supreme, they would also gather in crowds in Halaqahs (learning circles) at the hands of great shaykhs, seeking their wisdom and getting enlightened with their knowledge, taking advice, and guidance from them and availing themselves of the fruit of their efforts and experience accompanied by the practice of the Shari`ah of Islam.

Some of the youth were the leaders of the Jihad carrying the flag of Jihad and spreading the religion of Allah.They led Islamic armies and achieved victory with the Help of Allah (Exalted be He). Our Islamic history is rich with striving youth and experienced shaykhs (may Allah be merciful with them).

The Muslim youth continued their renewed efforts in the Crusades in Al-Sham (The Levant)and Andalusia,and other battles where Al-Haqq (the Truth) clashed with falsehood until our present day. This enthusiasm infuriated the enemies of Islam, who sought to put obstacles in their way or to change their orientation, either by detaching them from their religion, creating a huge gap between them and knowledgeable scholars, attributing disgusting and incorrect titles to them, tarnishing their reputation or provoking some governments against them.

Consequently, all this led to the emergence of some movements that opposed and were antagonistic to the society and leadership. Sometimes, confrontations and secret shameful activities took place. Moreover, certain Islamic movements have come to the surface, some of which are in the United States and Europe that comprehend and preach Islam and see it as the treatment of the world's concerns and problems, most importantly, the corruption of youth and evil influences.

The youth played a very significant role in such movements and took effective actions that called for enlightenment and support; however, some of them, particularly in some Islamic countries, are subjected to suppression, harassment, and persecution. Some continue to play the role for which the Islamic teachings call, for the sake of Da`wah and enlightening Muslims about new occurrences that
do not match the Manhaj (methodology) of Islam.

This kind of movement still has a good influence in reforming the youth and guiding many societies to Al-Haqq inside and outside the Muslim world, through Islamic books, lectures and camps where Muslims meet from different parts of the world to study religious sciences and social problems and to understand the surrounding reality, acting upon Allah's Saying (Exalted be He): in Surah At-Tawbah verse 122

"Of every troop of them, a party only should go forth, that they (who are left behind) may get instructions in (Islāmic) religion, and that they may warn their people when they return to them, so that they may beware (of evil)."

They keenly organize their leisure time in doing fruitful activities.Leisure time has been exploited by Westerners and Easterners in different activities that do not fulfill the hopeful result of absorbing the energies of the youth and guiding them.

The Muslim youth who act according to the Islamic teachings have a great role to play in refining souls, and guiding and keeping the society safe and secure; they are opposed by the enemies of Islam who realize the supreme status of Islam which does not force anybody to embrace it and which guarantees justice, noble morals, uprightness, environmental equilibrium and social security and stability.

Of the most notable points when talking about the role of the youth in Islamic movements in the past and the present are the following:


Taking care of the early youth by guiding them to Islam, taking interest in the educational curriculum, keeping away harmful influences, and working on helping them to adhere to their religion, the Book of Allah, and the Sunnah (whatever is reported from the Prophet). Muslim scholars and thinkers should be interested in raising them, taking into consideration their opinions and inquiries, guiding them to the way of Al-Haqq with wisdom, fair preaching, and arguing with them in the best manner, for in this way they would be willing to accept advice out of following the right view with determination and enthusiasm for Islam.


Keenness on providing a good example at school, at home, in the club, and on the street with regard to the way of treatment and avoiding anti-Islamic aspects, which may throw them into doubt, make them hesitant to accept what they are advised to do, or withdraw from society, claiming that it is a society that does not practice Islam, whose sons say what they do not do.

All this may lead to detachment, haste, and uncontrolled behavior, whose results badly affect both the individual and society, as well as the Islamic work. It produces no useful benefit for the youth.


Holding periodic meetings with the youth where guardians, scholars and responsible people in Islamic countries gather with them, let them express their opinions and thoughts, study problems attentively and solve critical issues and questions, so that there will be no room for misconceptions or diversion from the Islamic work which the youth are enthusiastic to do from the way that has been outlined by Islamic teachings. Such meetings should be held in an intimate atmosphere so as to express views with fraternity, love, and mutual confidence far from fanaticism, depreciation, or ignoring others.

Youth are like plants; when they are looked after, they will grow and be fruitful, but if they are neglected, their growth will be stunted and will lose their fruits in the future. The youth are full of vitality that should be exploited and developed. The best approach in life to attach youth to the religion, scholars, the Ummah and the homeland is that of Islam. The more the youth keep away from the approach of their clear religion and follow the path of excessiveness and estrangement or intolerance and retirement, the more grave the consequences will be. There is neither might nor power except with Allah!

The responsibility of people in charge including leaders, scholars, and thinkers is great; they should take care of the youth and guide and clarify the approach of Islam in order to encourage them to adopt it as a way of life and to follow its teachings practically.

This is the most important obligation and treatment; it comes from giving advice for the sake of Allah (Exalted be He), His Book, His Messenger, and the leaders of the Muslims and common Muslims, by which Iman becomes perfect, as the trustful Messenger (peace be upon him) told us.

Moreover, subjecting the youth to destructive ideas and misconceptions and failing to comprehend their thoughts, answering their questions, and clarifying the sound view to them, may lead to grave consequences.

It is obligatory to help the youth to avoid all harm and to reap all benefits, as did the Salaf (righteous predecessors) (may Allah be pleased with them) in the different ages of history when no harmful responses took place against the individual and the community.

Muslims in charge, both old and young, scholars and students, and thinkers and officials should cooperate with the youth in their homes, schools, societies and universities. Everyone should cooperate to guide the youth and create the correct atmosphere for creativity under the shadow of the tolerant Islamic creed.

We ask Allah to guide the Islamic Ummah - young and old, leaders and peoples - to do what pleases Allah (Exalted be He), to heal hearts and reform deeds and to direct everyone to the Straight Path. Allah is the One Who is Capable of doing so and the One Who guides to the right path. May Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions!