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Effective Studying Tips

Q: What is the right way that a seeker of knowledge has to follow to attain the pleasure of Allah and to gain knowledge that benefits them and other Muslims? What are the things that promote the ability to memorize keep scholarly issues in one's mind without forgetting them?

A: The most important factors leading to this is that you fear your Lord by obeying Him, abandoning His disobedience, being sincere to Him, and asking Him to forgive and help you. You also have to care for your lessons and study and secure your time.

Another reason for good memorization of knowledge is to study with your colleagues and be keen to benefit from them. Individual reading and attendance of lectures should thus be accompanied by studying issues that you are uncertain about with good colleagues so that you comprehend them perfectly.

Ibn Baz Fatwas, Volume 23 > Book on Knowledge > the virtue of knowledge and work  > Questions after the lecture > Ways followed by a knowledge seeker to attain Allah's Pleasure and acquire knowledge