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Abandoning Eid prayer and the permissibility for women to offer Eid prayer

Q: Is it permissible for a Muslim to abandon Eid prayer without an excuse? Is it permissible to prevent women from offering Eid prayer with the people?

A: Many scholars believe that Eid prayer is a collective obligation and that some people may leave it. However, attending this prayer and participating with Muslim brothers is a stressed Sunnah that should not be abandoned unless there is a legal excuse.

Some scholars believe that it is an individual obligation just like Jumuah (Friday) Prayer, so it is not permissible for any free Mukallaf (person meeting the conditions to be held legally accountable for their actions) who stays in his city to abandon it, this saying is the more appropriate and correct one.

It is an act of Sunnah for women to attend this prayer while wearing the Hijab (veil) decently and they should not apply perfume as it is authentically reported in Al-Bukhari and Muslim from Um Atiyyah (R.A) that she said, ’We were ordered to go out (for Eid) and also to take along with us the mature girls and the menstruating women to present themselves at the religious gathering and invocation of Muslims, but the menstruating women should keep away from their Musalla (place of prayer)“.

According to another narration, ’One of them said O Prophet of Allah, if one of us does not find Jilbab (loose outer garment with no front opening) to wear and go out? The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said: Let her dress in one of her sisters' Jilbabs“.

This is clear proof that it is stressed to let women go out to attend Eid prayer to witness what is good and to supplicate with the Muslims.

Ibn Baz Fatwas, Completion of the Book of Salah (Prayer), Salat-ul-`Eidayn, the ruling of the 'Eid prayer