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Denouncing the socialist regime in Iraq - telegram

Sheikh Bin Baaz(may Allaah have mercy on him) :

"His Highness President of the republic; may Allah guide you to the truth:

The Islamic university in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah denounces the socialist resolutions that were recently adopted by the Iraqi government. In fact, I agree totally in this regard with what has been declared by scholars of Iraq and other scholars expressing their disapproval of such a socialist system and asserting that the socialist regime is a Kufry (encouraging disbelief) regime that opposes and contradicts Islam.

Consequently, I advise the government of Iraq to apply Shari`ah (Islamic law) again for it comprises the most just regime and legislation that has ever existed. Such a regime, if Muslims apply it sincerely, is able to achieve real social justice, solve economic and other problems, and secure the fulfillment of the rights of the poor in the best way.

It is worth mentioning that Islam makes the blood, wealth, and honor of a Muslim unlawful to the other. Islam gives people full freedom to dispose of their wealth in the way that they wish as long as it is a Shar`y (Islamic legal) way. Besides, the teachings of Islam explicitly clarify that the claim that the socialist regime is based on the spirit of Islam is totally false and baseless.

Finally, I ask Allah (Glorified be He) to guide us all to His Straight Path."

Deputy President of the Islamic University, 'Abdul 'Aziz Bin 'Abdullah Ibn Baz

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